Revenue for Critical Public Services

In these tough economic times, the public services we all depend on are being stretched to the limit. Anti-tax extremists have long pushed ballot measures that hurt public schools, our police and fire departments, hospitals, health clinics, parks and more by making it nearly impossible for state and local governments to raise revenue. BISC believes we all have a stake in services we all use, and we oppose failed experiments and gimmicks that do nothing to actually cut wasteful spending or strengthen our communities.

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  • Proposition 116: Business tax cut
  • Proposition 117: A limit on the growth of a property’s assessed value.
  • Proposition 204: Renew a one-cent sales tax to fund Arizona’s public schools.


  • Proposition 30: Protects schools and public safety by raising much needed revenue and helping to balance the budget.
  • Proposition 38: Would raise taxes on all but the lowest-income Californians and devote the additional revenue to education. The tax increase would expire in 2024.
  • Proposition 39: Would close a tax loophole on companies that do business in multiple states and require them to pay taxes based on their percentage of sales in California.


  • Amendment 3: A strict, state-wide spending limit that does nothing to cut wasteful spending but will slash public services.


  • Supermajority Amendment: Alter the Michigan constitution to require a supermajority in the legislature or a vote of the people in order to raise taxes.

New Hampshire

  • Income Tax Amendment: Ban on personal income taxes.


  • State Question 758 : Creates a three percent annual cap on future property tax increases.
  • State Question 766: Bans property taxes on intangible property.


  • Measure 79: Limits local revenue options by banning real estate transfer fees.
  • Measure 84: Repeals the estate tax, resulting in up to $200 million in lost revenue every two years.
  • Measure 85: Repeals the corporate kicker tax credit and provides funding for public schools.

South Dakota

  • Measure 15: A one-percent sales tax increase to fund education and healthcare.


  • Initiative 1185: Require a two-thirds vote of the legislature to raise taxes

Proposed Initiatives Affectingf Critical Public Services