Statement from the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center Executive Director Chris Melody Fields Figueredo: “Missourians Vote to Repeal State’s Right to Work Law”

August 8, 2018

(WASHINGTON)–On Tuesday, Missourians stood with working families and communities by voting NO on Prop A, repealing the state’s “right to work” law. The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) is proud to stand with workers and unions in Missouri and support their efforts to defeat this law at the ballot. The law enacted by Missouri lawmakers would take away workplace freedoms-including the ability of workers to organize.

“At BISC we know a strong labor movement is one of the most effective vehicles to move people–black, brown and white–into the middle class,” said Chris Melody Fields Figueredo, BISC’s Executive Director. “Voters in Missouri demonstrated that they believe workers deserve good paying jobs and their rights should be protected. These so-called ‘right to work’ laws’ are just another way to divert more money to big corporations at the expense of working people.”

Fields said the number of progressive ballot measures on the November ballot this year is a sign that citizens want to take charge of issues that will improve their lives. Statistics show that the average worker’s pay drops more than 3 percent in a right to work state and 12 of the 15 states with the worst pay gaps between women and men are right to work.

“The people of Missouri have spoken. Creating more jobs, raising the minimum wage, providing paid sick leave, and helping working families, are their priorities,” Fields added. “Employers and state lawmakers should listen to the will of the people and focus their efforts on improving the lives of workers, not taking away their voices in the workplace.”