The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center Welcomes Chris Melody Fields Figueredo as its New Executive Director

June 25, 2018

(WASHINGTON)-The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) and BISC Foundation welcomed Chris Melody Fields Figueredo, who started today as the new Executive Director. Fields succeeds Justine Sarver, who is stepping down after leading BISC–the only progressive organization focused exclusively on ballot measures–for eight years.
Fields takes the helm at BISC at a time when ballot measures are at the intersection of many of our country’s most pressing issues-from voting rights to raising the minimum wage, protecting a woman’s right to choose, working for common-sense gun regulations and needed criminal justice reform.
“Millions of low-wage workers are struggling to survive, returning citizens are fighting for their freedom to vote, black and brown communities are wondering if there will ever be justice for their lives,” Fields said. “People all over the country have grown increasingly frustrated and disillusioned by the people who are elected to represent them.”
“That’s what has drawn me to BISC. In this current political environment, BISC and ballot measures are more crucial than ever,” Fields said. “How can we make sure that we use each ballot measure campaign to build movements and momentum, so we as a progressive community are stronger after each Election Day? This work cannot start or stop on Election Day.”
BISC is celebrating its 20th anniversary birthday this year and Fields will be leading the work that will be about innovation, training the leaders of today and tomorrow, and using every opportunity to organize and support equitable, purposeful campaigns while passing important policies that will transform our country and grow our movement.
Fields most recently served as the Associate Director of Voting Rights at ReThink Media. She joins BISC with over 15 years of experience in advocacy, fostering collaboration, building movements, and leading large-scale campaigns. She has devoted her career to social justice and is deeply committed to racial equity and ensuring our democracy works for all.
Fields is a first-generation American, born in Venezuela and raised in Texas. She received her degree at Austin College in Texas. She lives in Washington, DC where she is a proud foster parent.