Mila Al-Ayoubi

Strategic Partnerships Director

Mila is BISC’s Strategic Partnerships Director. She is a multi-faceted campaign strategist and grassroots change agent with 15+ years’ experience as a political scientist and practitioner. She excels at driving dynamic campaigns to success, growing capacity to scale and pioneering creative strategies to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.

Mila’s proudest achievement is her work on the Florida Voting Restoration ballot initiative that not only passed, but centered the leadership of directly impacted people, and elevated grassroots infrastructure across the state. Mila served as the “Architect” behind the multi-year effort that successfully amended the state’s constitution (passing with 64%), lifting the 150-year ban on, and restoring voting rights to, 1.4 million Floridians with past felony convictions (2012-2018). During that time she served as Voter Engagement Director for Florida’s Amendment 4 campaign, Program Administrator for the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC), Principal at The Wheelhouse Project, LLC and Director of Organizational Capacity – SE, for PICO National Network (now Faith in Action).

Prior to her work in Florida, Mila spent 7 years with the Michigan Democratic Party working on candidate electoral campaigns. Additionally, Mila spent 2019-2020 with Voting Rights Lab learning legislative, executive and litigation campaign strategy and cultivating relationships with state and national partners working together to transform our democracy. 

Mila received her Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her fat cat, Happy, and enjoys being a local Zumba Instructor and all things spiritual, magical and beautiful.