Why We’re Here

Ballot-measure campaigns affect everything progressives fight for.  Yet, for forty years, well-funded regressive and corporate interests have dominated ballot measures to the detriment of working families, public education, women, the LGBT community, communities of color, immigrants and low income families.

The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center is changing that.  BISC strengthens democracy by building a national progressive strategy for ballot measures. In ten years, BISC envisions a future where progressives change the game and use ballot measures as a political and civic engagement tool for victory.

BISC recognizes that ballot measures are a permanent part of the process in the 24 initiative states and that well-crafted measures can be a force for good public policy, civic engagement and infrastructure building.

We strengthen the progressive movement by conducting innovative research, providing technical assistance, hosting convenings, facilitating collaboration, offering strategic advice, conducting campaign assessments and helping funders make the best decisions about allocation of scarce resources.

BISC helps progressives take back the initiative.

Ballot measures are one of the key tools progressives have to win bold new agendas that improve the lives of working families and the New American Majority - since Congress and state legislatures often fail to enact such policies. The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center plays an essential role in ensuring our movements have the strategies, skills and know-how we need to win.

Deepak Bhargava

Executive Director, Center for Community Change