Why We’re Here

Ballot-measure campaigns affect everything progressives fight for.  Yet, for forty years, well-funded regressive and corporate interests have dominated ballot measures to the detriment of working families, public education, women, the LGBT community, communities of color, immigrants and low income families.

The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center is changing that. We recognize that ballot measures are a permanent part of the process in the 24 initiative states and that well-crafted measures can be a force for good.

We envision a future in which progressives have harnessed the power of ballot measures as proactive tools for success – to increase civic engagement, enact forward-looking policies, and strengthen progressive infrastructure in key states. That’s why we are working with state and national partners to build a strategic coordinated national ballot measure strategy.

Through our activities – conducting innovative research, providing strategic assistance, hosting convenings, facilitating collaboration, training the next generation of campaign strategists, conducting campaign assessments and helping funders make the best decisions about allocation of scarce resources – BISC is helping define and advance the progressive agenda.

“If BISC was not in this space, the ballot initiative landscape would be a lot more chaotic and frankly— a lot more expensive. We would be learning things the hard way. Because BISC is in the landscape we are able to problem solve and move forward together more quickly and really build a movement around this work.”

Lara Granich

Director, Missouri Wins Investor Network