Who We Are

The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center strengthens democracy by building a national progressive strategy for ballot measures.

Ballot measure campaigns affect everything progressives fight for. But for decades, the initiative process has been hijacked by well-funded, well-messaged campaigns from the right wing, while progressives have played a weak defense that can – at best –maintain the status quo.

With the support of visionary funders and committed national and state partners, BISC:

  • Engages progressive leadership on a wide range of ballot-measure issues including fighting for working families, reproductive justice, LGBT equality, immigration, equal opportunity, and clean energy.
  • Analyzes ballot-measure funding to inform smart investments in a coordinated ballot measure strategy.
  • Assists our partners in moving from defense to offense by challenging our opponents at every turn.
  • Conducts in-depth, multi-state research to understand the ballot-measure process, inform smart strategies and measure success.
  • Identifies the weaknesses in state initiative laws and advances reforms that hold corporations and extreme conservatives accountable.