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Our Partners

BISC is the “go-to” organization for ballot measure advocates around the country who need strategic advice and assistance on how to run and win inclusive and equitable ballot measure campaigns.

BISC Works With State Leaders + National Partners to Provide:

✅ Expert guidance on ballot measure policy development

✅ Coalition-building and governance

✅ Research, signature gathering, campaign planning + execution, implementation and more.

We Build Capacity for Ballot Measures Across the Country

✅ Develop overall campaign strategy

✅ Support funders + partners to make strategic campaign decisions + investments. 

✅ Advise on strategic campaign resource usage for greatest impact. 

We Train Ballot Measure Activists 

✅ In-person + virtual trainings

✅ Gain skills + resources needed to run winning + equitable campaigns

✅ Interact with a peer communities across geographies and issue areas. 

You can learn more about our training program here. 

We Provide One-On-One Campaign Coaching

✅ Strategic assistance to ballot measure campaign leaders 

✅ One-on-one conversations to share best practices + resources

✅ We serve as a strategic partner in every aspect of the campaign that includes:

✅ Policy development

✅ Setting up effective structures + governance

✅ Voter contact + engagement planning through campaign implementation 

We Convene Ballot Measure Practitioners in Learning Cohorts

✅ We convene two cohorts to increase ballot measure education + skills building ✅Access to an engaged community of practitioners across geographies + issue areas. 

The BISC Resource Library 

A resource library that houses ballot measure resources including:

✅ Past campaign materials + debriefs

✅ Best practices memos + tools + templates

The library is a unique resource all campaigns should access to help build their own strategies. You can apply for access to the library here. 

Join Us! 

To learn more or apply to any of our programs, please email us at [email protected]