Who We Are

The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) is a nationwide movement building infrastructure organization that leverages ballot measures across the United States to strengthen democracy; center people of color, queer, low-income, immigrant, Indigenous, and other marginalized communities; and move toward racial equity; build and transform power; and galvanize a new progressive base.

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We are the only progressive organization that works across many policy, organizing, and political organizations, with local, state, and national leaders, to analyze and support the ballot measure landscape and develop ways to engage people in democracy.

Over the past 25 years, BISC has moved from a niche technical assistance organization to a critical part of the progressive infrastructure, building equitable, winning campaigns, advancing progressive issues,  and lasting people-center, state-based power. We seek to strengthen democracy by implementing a national progressive strategy for ballot measures rooted in building state-based power.

We do this by:

BISC’s Stance on Racial Equity

At the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, we work to transform our country into one that is equitable and just. In our work, we strive to challenge structural racism, and center the people most impacted.

BISC works with commitment to racial equity inside our organization in our operations and management processes, and externally through our research, training and organizing work with ballot-measure campaigns, partners and funders.