Our Strategic Framework

For over 20 years, BISC has distinguished itself as being at the center of the progressive movement’s efforts to create an equitable and inclusive country through direct democracy.

Much work still needs to be done in order to realize our shared vision for building a world where all people are fully liberated, live with dignity and thrive.

That is why BISC created a five-year strategic framework to fully transform BISC from a technical leader to an organization that leads and supports the deeper work that transforms power in our democracy.

This transition in BISC’s work is designed to help our movement truly advance progressive issues and meaningfully engage people to create an equitable and just world together.

Our 5 year strategic framework begins with strengthening the roots of our work including:

  • Increasing the capacity and expertise for our partners and activists and developing new leaders in the ballot measure field
  • Putting impacted communities at the CENTER of our debate in this country and modeling how you operationalize racial equity through the ballot measure lifecycle
  • Serving as a movement wide convener, and creating collaborative spaces to build power and increase civic engagement
  • Changing the culture of how we work together and creating ballot measures that empower people and break down systems of oppression
  • Maintaining BISC’s continuity and growth so we can deepen our support to movement partners

It then focuses on sustaining the trunk of our work including strategies to:

  • Build leadership capacity in the field that is inclusive of folks who are from directly impacted communities at every level
  • Foster long-term state level ballot measure strategic planning; because this is a movement, not just a campaign
  • Lead a national strategy that connects the work we do on ballot measures to other components of civic engagement
  • Influence national progressives to view and use ballot measures as a tool to shift power
  • Align the field and funding community to create efficiencies in the work and greater return for communities
  • Deepen trust and strengthen partnerships between organizations doing this work together
  • Increase BISC’s visibility as a resource for the entire progressive ecosystem

The plan then branches out into new objectives to allow us to measure and understand how we are succeeding by:

  • Continuing to ensure BISC is seen as the recognized leader in ballot measure expertise and strategy
  • Increasing the percentage of measures being led by members of directly impacted communities
  • BISC centers power-shifting in the states around the use of ballot measures to obtain progressive movement goals
  • Instituting systems that allow for impacted community leaders to co-create ballot measures with BISC; because no one knows better about a communities’ needs than its members
  • Giving states the capacity and infrastructure to support long term strategy and planning around ballot measures
  • Improving the quality of life for directly impacted communities in states we work in
  • Ensuring that ballot measures are increasingly recognized and used a tool to dismantle structural racism and other inequities
  • Giving the field tools to better anticipate the tactics employed by the opposition
  • Creating meaningful engagement of directly impacted communities in progressive ballot fights 
  • Ensuring that BISC’s work results in the transformation of ballot measures and how we win and measure the impact of the field. 

That leaves the tactics; an area where we work with our partners on the ground to create the plans and enact best practices that ensures success.

For more information on our strategic framework click here.