What We Stand For

We leverage ballot measures across the United States to strengthen democracy; center people of color, queer, low-income, immigrant, Indigenous, and other marginalized communities; and move toward racial equity; build and transform power; and galvanize a new progressive base.


We strengthen
democracy by

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Challenging structural racism, Centering impacted communities, Building state-based power, Winning progressive ballot measures nationwide

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What we do

Track the Ballot Measure Landscape

We are the progressive movement’s central repository for understanding how direct democracy is being used across the country.

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Provide Assistance to Ballot Measure Campaigns

We work directly with campaigns on the ground to give them the tools they need to succeed

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Protect the Ballot Initiative Process

We fight the attacks meant to undermine direct democracy in the states

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Train Ballot Measure Activists Across the Country

We help the field build the skills necessary to win successful campaigns.

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Design and Provide Groundbreaking Research

We provide the intelligence and metrics that partners need to make informed decisions.

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Convene and Facilitate Collaboration Among Partners

We convene and facilitate collaboration to maximize resources.

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Direct Democracy Across the Country

Initiated Statutes and Amendments

Initiated Statutes Only

Initiated Amendments Only

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