Ballot Measures to Watch

Submitting Signatures: Qualification Phase

StateCampaign Ballot Measure Description and Deadline
ArizonaFair ElectionsSubmitted: Restores PEVL and protects early voting, prohibits last-minute changes to election law, permits same-day voter registration, protects automatic voter registration, and allows pre-registration, enhances tribal and disabled voting, and protects ballot initiative process
ArizonaVoting Access Restrictions Missed Deadline: Eliminates vote by mail, requires notarization for absentee voting, requires photo ID, and requires hand-counting of ballots
ArizonaAffordable Tuition Missed Deadline: Ties tuition increases for undergrads to cost of living increases and creates a 2% surcharge on corporate income to fund state resident tuition costs
ColoradoAbortion BanAugust 8: Total abortion ban except to save a mother’s life, to remove an ectopic pregnancy, or to remove a deceased fetus
ColoradoAdditional Education FundingAugust 8: Allocates state revenue equal to one-third of one percent of all federal taxable income to the state education fund
IdahoHigher Earner Tax for EducationSubmitted: Creates the Quality Education Fund and funds it with increased income tax for individuals earning over $250,000 and increased corporate income tax
MichiganReproductive FreedomSubmitted: Constitutional right to reproductive freedom
MichiganPayday Lending Interest CapSubmitted: Caps the annual interest rate for payday loans at 36% and voids any payday loan that violates the cap
MichiganPromote the VoteSubmitted: Provides a right to vote without interference or harassment, protects overseas and military voting, enhances absentee, in-person, and early voting, and requires disclosure of private funds used to conduct election audits
NebraskaMinimum WageSubmitted: Increases the minimum wage to $15/hour by 2026
NebraskaVoter ID
Submitted: Requires photo ID to vote

On Ballot

StateCampaignBallot Measure Description and Election Date
Arkansas 60% Supermajority for Ballot InitiativesNovember 8: Requires a 60% supermajority to pass voter-initiated measures
Arizona 60% Supermajority for Ballot InitiativesNovember 8: Requires a 60% supermajority to pass voter initiated measures and legislatively-referred constitutional amendments that approve a tax
ArizonaVoter Protection Act LoopholeNovember 8: Creates a loophole in the Voter Protection Act, allowing the legislature to amend, repeal, supersede, or divert funds from a measure passed by the voters if any part of it is declared unlawful by the state or federal supreme courts
ArizonaSingle SubjectNovember 8: Imposes a single subject rule on ballot initiatives
ArizonaIn-State Tuition for Non-Citizens ResidentsNovember 8: Allows non-citizens to be qualified as in-state students for tuition purposes if they attended school in-state for 2 years and graduate from an in-state high school
CaliforniaReproductive FreedomNovember 8: Right to reproductive freedom, including abortion treatment and contraceptives
CaliforniaWealth TaxNovember 8: Increase the tax on personal income above $2 million by 1.75% and allocate the additional revenue towards subsidies and infrastructure funding for zero-emissions vehicles as well as wildfire suppression and prevention programs
ColoradoSchool Meals Funding November 8: Reduces income tax deductions to fund the Healthy School Meals Program for All, providing free meals to all students
IllinoisRight to Collective BargainingNovember 8: Constitutional right for workers to organize themselves and collectively bargain with their employers
KansasNo Right to AbortionAugust 2: Declaring there is not right to abortion and no public funds may go towards abortions
KentuckyNo Right to AbortionNovember 8: Declaring there is not right to abortion and no public funds may go towards abortions
MassachusettsFair Share AmendmentNovember 8: Creates a tax on incomes over $1 million to fund education and transportation
MontanaCriminalization of Abortion Providers and PatientsNovember 8: Criminalizes abortion providers and patients by imposing nebulous treatment requirements under threat of a $50,000 fine and 20-year imprisonment
New MexicoEarly Childhood Education FundingNovember 8: Allocates funding to early childhood education from the Land Grant Permanent Fund
NevadaMinimum WageNovember 8: Increases minimum wage to $12/hour by 2024
NevadaEquality ActNovember 8: Equal rights regardless of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, ancestry or national origin
OregonAbolishing SlaveryNovember 8: Removes slavery and involuntary servitude from constitution and allows courts to order alternatives to incarceration
OregonGun SafetyNovember 8: Requires licenses, background checks, and firearm safety training for all gun owners
South DakotaMedicaid ExpansionNovember 8: Expands Medicaid coverage to adults with income below 133% of the federal poverty level
TennesseeAbolishing SlaveryNovember 8: Removes slavery and involuntary servitude from constitution
TennesseeRight to WorkNovember 8: Illegal to require union membership as a condition for employment
VermontReproductive AutonomyNovember 8: Right to reproductive autonomy
VermontAbolishing SlaveryNovember 8: Removing slavery and involuntary servitude from constitution


StateCampaignElection Date and Status
AlaskaAlaska Tribal Recognition ActN/A: Passed by Legislature
South Dakota60% Supermajority for Ballot InitiativesFAILED ON BALLOT