Design and Provide Groundbreaking Research

Groundbreaking Research

BISC works with our partners and researchers around the country to develop critical and innovative research that informs the ballot measure field. Using a variety of research methodologies we provide a critical understanding of voter attitudes and opinions, concerns and priorities around key issues and ballot measure concepts.

Our research seeks to provide advocates the information they need to develop and pursue just and equitable policies that improve the lives of traditionally disenfranchised people and to strengthen the ability of advocates in the state to organize and communicate through inclusive coalitions and campaigns.

Our research is guided by three strategic imperatives:

  • We incorporate the impact of real-time events, messaging and communications people may have received, and the current issue environment— into our research.
  • We ensure our research captures the whole landscape and issue environment and the type of data that we are collecting is varied.
  • We work to understand what is important to people of color, immigrant, and refugee communities. Our research asks these communities about the issues and policies that engage, motivate, and positively impact them in order to inform our long-term planning and the ballot measure polices that are put forward.