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BISC’s newly expanded Ballot Measure Hub features the Ballot Measure-o-Meter — showcasing our take on the good, the bad, and the ugly ballot measure efforts, expert analysis on everything that BISC is tracking, legal challenges, ballot measure trends across the country, attacks and threats to direct democracy, and BISC’s research. The Hub also features trailblazing ballot measure campaign leaders and the exciting progress being made to advance democracy and liberation via ballot measures.

Included in the Hub is BISC’s new 2020 Landscape Analysis Executive Summary (ES). The ES summarizes the findings from BISC’s full 2020 Landscape Analysis, an in depth qualitative and quantitative analysis of 36 ballot measure campaigns from the 2020 cycle. The summary outlines BISC’s key takeaways from this extensive 2020 analysis, supporting evidence for our conclusions, and offers concrete recommendations for building durable, equitable wins. This comprehensive analysis has enabled BISC and our partners to proactively plan for 2022 and beyond, utilizing key lessons and learnings.

To access the full analysis, which includes over 170 pages of data, please email [email protected].

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