Fight for Trans Rights Lands on Local Ballot Initiatives Nationwide

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While states like Minnesota and New York move to protect gender identity and expression, California, Colorado, and Illinois seek to roll back trans rights

WASHINGTON  — On Transgender Day of Visibility, the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) recognizes the strength and resilience of the transgender community amid ongoing ballot measure attacks. Successful campaigns against transphobic measures underscore the importance of citizen-led advocacy and the power of ballot measures. 

Below is a summary of anti-trans legislation that BISC is monitoring:

    • California 
      • Initiative 23-0027: Restricts Rights of Transgender Youth initiative aka the Protect Kids of California Act
    • Colorado 
      • To date, there have been 30 anti-Trans initiatives filed, including:
        • Initiative 142: Parental Notification of Gender Incongruence 
        • Initiative 160: Public Athletics Programs for Minors 
        • Initiative 175: Ban of Gender-Affirming Care for Minors
    • Illinois
  • Initiative: Advisory Question of Public Policy on the Right to Parent

To learn more about these initiatives and speak to one of our policy experts, please reach out to María Gamba; [email protected]

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