I Am Filled With Gratitute

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Mi gente — 

As I look back on this year, I am so filled with gratitude for our people. We showed up like we do time and time again to defy the odds and deliver for our communities. 

From the incredible network of state partners who work with full hearts to build independent political people-centered power — to the funders who stepped up to meet the moment — to the BISC team who work tirelessly to support community leaders and reimagine ballot measures as love letters to our community — to the voters who fought for freedom and democratic values. Together, we are redefining winning and building the world that dances in our dreams. 

In November, ballot measures delivered on so many critical issues affecting our communities directly — historic wins across issue areas in Red, Blue, and Purple states. Voters protected reproductive rights in all five states where it was on the ballot (plus Kansas in August makes six), slavery and involuntary servitude has been abolished in four states, and workers received a raise in three states. Oregon passed one of the most comprehensive gun safety measures in history. Connecticut will allow for early voting for the first time in state history. Illinois championed the power of unions by passing the Workers’ Rights Amendment. Arkansans defended direct democracy by rejecting a 60% supermajority to pass ballot measures in their state. Massachusetts passed a millionaires tax that will fairly tax the wealthy in order to fund public education and infrastructure. Arizonans passed in-state tuition for Dreamers. 

There are so many more victories to be grateful for. The Will of the People was a powerful voice towards the country we envision and are actively creating right now. And we are just getting started. 

For years, BISC has been organizing and on the ground with so many of these campaigns, building deep relationships with campaign leaders, providing training, and ensuring that leaders were being supported not only during election season but throughout the 360 ballot measure campaign lifecycle. With all of you, we will ensure that the Will of the People always prevails.

November isn’t just about elections. It is also Native American Heritage Month, which offers so many opportunities for us to move past one-dimensional representations and harmful false histories of Native people. Instead, we can bring light and awareness to Indigenous people with thriving communities so critical to our past, present, and most importantly, to our future. Let’s use this time to celebrate organizations like Advance Native Political Leadership, which seeks to build a political home for Native leaders.

So as we enter this season of giving thanks, I am filled with gratitude. On behalf of all of us at BISC, I want you to know we appreciate all that you do, all that you are, and all we can be together. We send our warmest wishes for peace, health, and renewal.