Statement on Georgia Shootings, Increasing Anti-Asian Violence

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Ballot Initiative Strategy Center’s (BISC) Executive Director, Chris Melody Fields Figueredo, issued the following statement today about the violent killings of Asian American women in Georgia and the rise of anti-Asian violence:

At the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, we stand in grief and solidarity with the Asian American Pacific Islander community and Georgians, as we all feel the deep pain and anguish after the loss of life of six Asian women due to a violent attack. All across the country, we have seen the warning signs for months as anti-Asian hate has risen dramatically during the pandemic. Just yesterday, Stop AAPI Hate released a report documenting nearly 3,800 reports of anti-Asian, hate-related incidents during the pandemic. Additionally, women reported hate incidents 2 to 3 times more than men. When we talk about liberation at BISC, we recognize that it is not individual but collective, and when one of us is harmed, we are all harmed. We are committed to fighting anti-Asian hate as an organization and defend Asian American Pacific Islander communities.

Months ago, BISC shared a statement noting that white supremacy is our country’s greatest threat. We also recognize the role misogyny plays in gender-based violence and white supremacy. If we are going to transform our country into one that is equitable and just then we must recognize how racism and gender-based violence intersect. We condemn this senseless act of violence and stand beside the AAPI-led organizations in Georgia and across the country. We will do whatever is needed to support your leadership.

If you have been threatened, please review Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance’s resource guide on Anti-Asian violence and report it to We believe ballot measures are the People’s tool and provide us with the opportunity to challenge oppressive systems that stand in the way of true liberation for communities who remain under assault. We believe we can build a world where people live with dignity and thrive and will not stop until we get there.