Sarah Walker

Policy & Legal Advocacy Director

Sarah is a professional advocate, public affairs and government affairs operative who has made a career of joining political and social movements at key moments of change to define the next stage of success. Sarah brings more than 20 years of experience in advocacy campaigns, message development, corporate legislative planning and lobbying to her work. Her expertise is in finding common ground and bipartisanship on some of the nation’s most contentious issues, including advancing criminal justice reform, passing gun violence prevention policies, expanding voting rights and access to the ballot, passing legislation to ensure the freedom to marry, and electing candidates to local, state, and federal offices.  

Notably, Sarah led the legislative strategy for Secure Democracy from 2019 – 2021 helping to mitigate against some of the most restrictive elections policy legislation in Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Arizona and securing critical wins for bipartisan elections policy in Kentucky, Texas, Connecticut, Iowa, and Washington. And, in Washington voting rights for individuals on probation were expanded. 

Sarah is the founder of the MN Second Chance Coalition and co-founder of the MN Restore the Vote Coalition. Sarah is a trained spokesperson and has been a regular contributor to local and national radio and television networks. Sarah is a graduate of Carleton College and is all but dissertation in both Political Science and Sociology at the University of MN. She brings extensive research experience to issues of politics, inequality, criminal justice reform and the role of philanthropic organizations in setting interest group agendas.