Track the Ballot Measure Landscape

The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center is the progressive movement’s central repository for up-to-date, accurate information regarding the use of direct democracy across the country. We track and analyze ballot measures across the 26 states and District of Columbia that allow some form of direct democracy and provide intelligence to movement allies around every aspect of the work.

BISC analyzes hundreds of initiatives and referenda and tracks them throughout their process. Whether it’s the financial impact that a measure could have on a state, whether a measure’s title and summary language has been approved and a measure has been cleared to circulate, how likely a measure is to qualify for the ballot, or how viable a measure may be based on polling and other factors, BISC gives progressives valuable, detailed understanding of the ballot measure landscape.

BISC serves as an important line of defense against legislative efforts to harm the ballot measure process. Through our Ballot Integrity Program, BISC tracks and responds to these attacks, working with allies nationally and in states to protect the initiative process and ensure that legislatures are unable to overturn the will of the people after a measure passes.