Train Ballot Measure Activists Across the Country


BISC’s training opportunities equip people with essential ballot-measure campaign skills, best practices, and the lessons we’ve learned from 20 years of organizational experience.

Each offering features specific Race, Equity, and Power choices and trains leaders who can run winning, transformational campaigns that leave leadership and infrastructure in states long after Election Day.

Since 2013, BISC has trained over a thousand people from over 30 states who have gone on to run and win successful ballot measure campaigns, assume leadership positions in advocacy organizations, and use the skills they learned from BISC’s training to fight for progressive policy change.

Some of BISC’s training offerings include:

The Ballot Measure Campaign Management Training (BMCMT) 

This three day, in-person training uses a combination of expert-led overviews, group discussions, and hands-on exercises to ground participants in the critical knowledge and skills they will need to manage successful ballot-measure campaigns.

The Advanced Practitioner Summit (APS) 

The APS is a two day, in-person training designed for those who have worked in a leadership capacity on ballot measure campaigns and want the opportunity to explore in greater detail the different aspects of ballot measure campaigns with other experienced peers.

BISC Webinar Series

A webinar series covering the basics of ballot measure campaigns including:

  • Is a ballot measure the right tool for you?
  • What should you take into account as you decide?
  • How is planning for a ballot measure campaign the same as a candidate campaign?
  • How is it different?
  • The webinar series also includes topics such as polling, campaign governance and structure, fundraising, and equitable coalition building.

For more information about any of BISC’s training opportunities, email [email protected].